1. Open House Replays

    Open House Replays

    Replay any of our Open Houses here, in the Open House Replay area which is under the BYR Programs tab in the top tool bar. Stay tuned for Member Meetups where you can pick the brains of standout SPIN farmers around the world, as well as Instant Learning sessions on...

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  2. August 31, 8pm ET – Flower Farm Startup Wally-o

    August 31, 8pm ET – Flower Farm Startup Wally-o

    Flowers used to be an extravagant luxury. Now they’re an affordable indulgence. Is it a good time to get into the business? SPIN provides a low risk way to find out. Get ideas and tips on how to add flowers to your current crop repertoire or build an entire business...

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  3. Use Your Natural Advantage

    Use Your Natural Advantage

    A big benefit of backyard farming is that you can make the same level of income as traditional farmers, but eliminate their expensive and sometimes environmentally harmful practices. Take pest management. A lot of the concern about the safety and quality of our food is because of pesticides. Backyard Riches...

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  4. Backyard Farmers Target Cat People

    Backyard Farmers Target Cat People

    Courtesy of Wally S., Wally’s Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon, SK Cat grass is a good niche crop. Many of your customers will have cats, and who doesn’t want to treat their cat? Most cat people are familiar with cat grass, so there is no need for a hard sell, and...

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  5. Do You Ever Get Too Old For Backyard Farming?

    Do You Ever Get Too Old For Backyard Farming?

    Courtesy of Wally S., Wally’s Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon SK Over the 10 years I’ve been doing SPIN-Farming workshops this question comes up at just about every one. SPIN-Farming is certainly more labor intensive than riding around on a tractor all day. And I know I’m not getting any younger,...

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  6. Farming in Plain Sight

    Farming in Plain Sight

    Courtesy of Roxanne C.,Philadelphia PA The beauty of SPIN-Farming is that it can use spaces that are not suitable for traditional farming. Any remnant of land that measures at least 1,000 sq. ft. can contribute enough production and revenue to be worth a farmer’s time. So when you put on...

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  7. Stand and Plant

    Stand and Plant

    Courtesy of Roxanne C., Philadelphia PA Backyard farmers have a unique set of fitness gear. It's designed to make their workouts easier to do, not harder. Like this tool here. It's the Stand and Plant planter. It was invented by a Tennessee farmer who specializes in sweet potatoes. He grows...

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  8. RX for Keeping Your Business Healthy

    RX for Keeping Your Business Healthy

    Courtesy of Roxanne C., Philadelphia, PA Whatever else the ever-expanding ecosystem of food activists, advocates, bloggers, media celebrities and nonprofits has accomplished, it has convinced consumers that the big food companies can’t be trusted to be honest about how they make food, and what’s in it. Ketchum, the big public...

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