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  1. Do You Ever Get Too Old For Backyard Farming?

    Do You Ever Get Too Old For Backyard Farming?

    Courtesy of Wally S., Wally’s Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon SK Over the 10 years I’ve been doing SPIN-Farming workshops this question comes up at just about every one. SPIN-Farming is certainly more labor intensive than riding around on a tractor all day. And I know I’m not getting any younger,...

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  2. 2017 Trends and Who’s Setting Them

    2017 Trends and Who’s Setting Them

    Here’s SPIN-Farming’s Alphabet List of 2017 Trends culled from all the presentations at last year’s Member Meetups. Thanks to all of the forward thinking SPIN farmers listed below who presented their business plans, how they implemented them and the revenue they targeted and achieved. SPIN’s online Member Meetups are THE...

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