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Join us for FREE training sessions, where Backyard Riches members meet up to share their trials and triumphs. These are the pioneers and practical thinkers who are turning their gardens into cash machines.

They discuss the best ways urban and suburban growers can make money growing food, without having to take on the burdens of owning lots of land, investing piles of money and making a big lifestyle change. You don't have to! Whether you want to earn some quick cash to fund a vacation, or start a whole new career, join in our free training sessions to learn from those who are doing it every day:

  • How to layout your garden to maximize yields
  • Which high-value crops to grow (man does not live by micros alone!)
  • What kind of equipment is worth investing in
  • How to manage your time efficiently to get it all done
  • How to identify the best markets, how to set prices and package your produce
  • How to sell effectively
  • How to expand your business without  expanding your workforce or growing space


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Chris Kimber, owner/operator, 3 Crows Farm

Chris Kimber’s 3 Crows Farm ticks a lot of the boxes we’ve heard about before: urban, pedal-powered, multi-locational. He’s used them to build a $60k business on 15,000 sq. ft, and his goal this year is $75k. In this session you’ll learn how he’s increased production capacity, refined his crop repertoire, combined operations with another farmer, increased efficiencies and expanded his markets – all while being a stay-at-home dad. Standing orders (they make up 30% of his business in summer and 90% in winter), buggy produce (he doesn’t wash his greens), minimizing choice at market, hanging tough on premium pricing, and his SPIN plan by the numbers for the past 7 years. Just goes to show what you can accomplish when you stick with it. Save your seat here.

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Thursday, Jan. 18, 1:30pm ET 

Limited to 100 participants. Don't miss this exclusive free opportunity to pick the brain of one of today's brightest, innovative and most accomplished backyard farmers. Save your seat here.

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