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Watch replays of our instant learning sessions to get better at SPIN. Get better at what matters most to your business success.

MARCH: $1k A Week Production Plan for Spring
Join Wally in our very first online learning session back in 2015, and use the SPIN-Farming mindset to get really strong start to your season. Here's what you'll learn"
✔targeting $1k in sales is not difficult
✔only 1,000 sq. ft. (a segment) is required
✔ how it becomes easy to target $1k in sales every week
✔ think # of segments x $1,000 in sales
✔ 20 segments = at least $20,000 in sales
✔ relay cropping multiplies the amount of sales per segment
✔ a breakdown of the crops, number of units and pricing you need to get to $1k

See how Wally's does it at his multi-locational urban farm, including crops, harvesting, logistics, marketing!ind the 5/13/15 session here.

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