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  1. Video on Building a Cooler Using the Coolbot

    Courtesy of Paul, H., Victory Garden Vegetables, Cobourg, ON I use the CoolBot, and this is the second walk-in cooler I've built using a CoolBot and air conditioner. Last summer I made a 20-minute video about its construction and posted it to our website: http://victorygardenvegetables.ca/blog/video-how-build-walk-cooler I have yet to tabulate the...

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  2. Vertical Bucket Farms

    Courtesy of Didacus R. Haywood, CA Here is something that is fascinating a lot of us in the SPIN Farming community--especially those with far off fields. Using buckets to grow vertical farms. We cut a bucket off about 6-8 inches from the bottom. Then we take a full bucket, cut...

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  3. DIY Strawberry Planters

    Courtesy of Trevor VH. , Pedal to Petal, Victoria BC The easiest way to construct strawberry planters is to use 5 gallon buckets. Here's a description with video of a self-watering vertical strawberry setup. Very cool! http://fivegallonideas.com/strawberry-farm/  

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  4. DIY Bike Trailers

    Courtesy of Didacus R. , Haywood, CA I found this link to a bike trailer/dolly. My only modification would be larger wheels placed so they are equal to the bottom of the trailer when it is upright as a dolly and far down enough so that they don't interfere with...

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  5. DIY Electric Bike for Pedal-Powered SPIN Farms

    Courtesy of Paul, H., Victory Garden Vegetables, Cobourg, ON When I was SPIN-Farming in mountainous Nelson, BC, I started out with the highest end BionX electric kit that was available at the time (2009). It was an in-hub electric motor with 36V Li-Ion battery, and it fits into any regular...

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  6. DIY Coolbot Walk-in Cooler Tips

    Courtesy of Jame K., Virtually Green, San Francisco, CA Here's a few quick thoughts about walkin cooler design, largely based on what my appropriate technology group used to recommend for village small-scale DIY walkin cooler systems.  We didn't have the Coolbot at the time though:  it's a great alternative to...

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