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  1. Just as Needed Tilling

    Courtesy of Stefan, Good Time Farming, Squamish, BC I definitely believe that there could be huge benefits to not tilling or minimizing your tilling and from what I have read and heard from other growers who minimize their tilling habits. The benefits are discovered in the longer term - 5...

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  2. Tilling Makes SPIN Work

    Courtesy of Steve W., Just Farmin', Liberty Township OH I also believe in the no-till theory. The SPIN model is not based on no-till, it is based on producing food in an intense, high density planting concept to utilize small spaces to maximize production and profit in an affordable manner....

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  3. Tilling Is Sometimes Necessary

    Courtesy of Andrew B, Moon Gravity Farm, Rossland BC Three years ago I added about 15 dump truck loads of leaves to my home garden (free, thanks City of Rossland!) to make a thick 3' to 4' layer before the winter. I planted potatoes in the mulch the following spring,...

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  4. Semi-Till

    Courtesy of Jennfier L.,  Central PA There is nothing wrong with anti-tillage beliefs; there are a lot of others that feel the same in this industry. Rototilling creates a hardpan, it destroys your soil structure, and burns up your organic matter. Plus, every time you use it, you expose more...

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  5. Check List For Buying a Used Tiller

    Courtesy of James K., Virtually Green, San Francisco If you are considering buying a used tiller, ask to take it for a spin for an hour where you can till some deep soil. Tighten up all the bolts you can find and then check to be sure they're not loose...

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