1. Open House Replays

    Open House Replays

    Replay any of our Open Houses here, in the Open House Replay area which is under the BYR Programs tab in the top tool bar. Stay tuned for Member Meetups where you can pick the brains of standout SPIN farmers around the world, as well as Instant Learning sessions on...

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  2. April 20, 2pm ET – Farm Design Is Easy As 1-2-3

    April 20, 2pm ET – Farm Design Is Easy As 1-2-3

    Does your farm's design make sense? That's the topic of our next Open House April 20 at 2pm ET. Wally will explain the five SPIN design concepts to optimize a sub-acre farm's management and revenue. After this session, you'll be looking at your farm in an entirely new way. Sign...

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  3. RX for Keeping Your Business Healthy

    RX for Keeping Your Business Healthy

    Courtesy of Roxanne C., Philadelphia, PA Whatever else the ever-expanding ecosystem of food activists, advocates, bloggers, media celebrities and nonprofits has accomplished, it has convinced consumers that the big food companies can’t be trusted to be honest about how they make food, and what’s in it. Ketchum, the big public...

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  4. 2 Detox Dishes For Your Shitty Winter Body

    2 Detox Dishes For Your Shitty Winter Body

    Oh, Januaryyou may as well be called Cleansetober. After all of the meat, carbs, sugar, and alcohol, our delicate bodies cant fucking handle much more. Its time for a cleanse. But cleansing is just generally shitty (no pun intended). If youre doing something like a juice cleanse, prepare to gain...

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  5. 2017 Trends and Who’s Setting Them

    2017 Trends and Who’s Setting Them

    Here’s SPIN-Farming’s Alphabet List of 2017 Trends culled from all the presentations at last year’s Member Meetups. Thanks to all of the forward thinking SPIN farmers listed below who presented their business plans, how they implemented them and the revenue they targeted and achieved. SPIN’s online Member Meetups are THE...

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