1. Open House Replays

    Open House Replays

    Share This:FacebookTwitterLinkedinReplay any of our Open Houses here, in the Open House Replay area which is under the BYR Programs tab in the top tool bar. Stay tuned for Member Meetups where you can pick the brains of standout SPIN farmers around the world, as well as Instant Learning sessions...

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  2. A Best Practice That Isn’t Always

    A Best Practice That Isn’t Always

    Share This:FacebookTwitterLinkedinCourtesy of Roxanne C., Philadelphia PA Beginning urban farmers eager to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability include rainwater harvesting in their startup plans. Once they start implementing, they usually find that what sounds good in theory doesn't work well in practice. The first downside is the expense in gear...

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  3. Which irrigation methods work for which crops?

    Which irrigation methods work for which crops?

    Share This:FacebookTwitterLinkedinCourtesy of Wally S., Wally's Market Garden, Pleasantdale SK This is a burning question among new and experienced SPIN farmers alike Get ready for the answer that drives everyone inside and outside of farming crazy: It depends. Your choice of irrigation will depend on lots of factors, including your...

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