1. Putting a Lawn Mower to Good Use

    Putting a Lawn Mower to Good Use

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinCourtesy of Christian K, 3 Crows Farm, Cranbrook BC I use a battery powered lawn mower to even out my harvests of arugula, lettuce and mesclun mix, and spinach. I do my initial harvest with a Farmers Friend Quick Greens cutter, but find that my 2nd, 3rd and maybe...

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  2. 2019 Trends and Who’s Setting Them

    2019 Trends and Who’s Setting Them

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinGet ready for 2019 with our Alphabet List of Trends culled from all the online meetups we had with our Garden Heroes this year. Thanks to all of the forward thinking backyard farmers listed below who presented their business plans, how they implemented them and the revenue they targeted...

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  3. Ring Up Holiday Sales

    Ring Up Holiday Sales

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinCourtesy of Wally S., Wally's Market Garden, Pleasantdale SK If you are in a year round farmers market like I am, you have the opportunity to fill your stocking with some extra Christmas cash. Markets have gotten much more sophisticated about attracting additional shoppers at this time of year,...

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