1. 2018 Trends and Who’s Setting Them

    2018 Trends and Who’s Setting Them

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinHere’s Backyard Riches’ Alphabet List of 2018 Trends to look forward to, culled from all the presentations at this year’s Member Meetups. Thanks to all of the forward thinking SPIN farmers listed below who presented their business plans, how they implemented them and the revenue they targeted and achieved....

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  2. Be Ready to Be Dynamic

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinThanks to Ray Derksen,John Greenwood, Darmaris Katt, Beth Hagenbuch and Adithya Ramachanrdan for helping Wally lead last week’s meetup. and sharing their end of the year assessments in 5 areas: crops, marketing, work flow, gear and revenue. The main theme was in-season revamps to farm plans are now the...

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  3. Refresher Courses

    Refresher Courses

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinWatch replays of our instant learning sessions to get better at SPIN. Get better at what matters most to your business success. JUNE: Talkin'Operations with Wally-o Wally's moving his home base about 2.5 hours northeast. What worked when he was 5 minutes from market isn't going to work now...

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  4. Basket Case

    Basket Case

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinHere’s a small touch that can generate a big increase in sales – offering a shopping basket at your stand. It works in several ways. It makes it much easier for customers to load up if they aren’t having to juggle different items and encourages impulse buys. It also...

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  5. A Cooler Startup

    A Cooler Startup

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinCourtesy Roxanne C., Philadelphia, PA An aspiring flower farmer planning to start up in 2018 has been thinking through with us whether or not to invest in a cooler. Here are some of the considerations. If you opt to take SPIN’s low road and launch without a cooler, it...

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  6. Wanna be a flower farmer?

    Wanna be a flower farmer?

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinCourtesy of Roxanne C., Philadelphia PA Farm to Vase. Slow Flowers. Floral Foraging. Handcrafted Heirlooms. Seasonal Blooms. The 50 Mile Bouquet. Sound sort of familiar? All the groundbreaking trends that powered the local food movement are now doing the same for local flowers. Is it a good time to...

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