1. DIY Portable Sprinklers Get the Job Done

    DIY Portable Sprinklers Get the Job Done

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinCourtesy of John Greenwood, JNJ Farms, Macomb IL When it comes to SPIN-Farming irrigation, keep it flexible, cheap, crop-specific and portable. That's especially important if you are farming multiple yards, like John Greenwood of JNJ Farms in Macomb IL. Here's how he made his sprinkler system. I buy a...

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  2. Flower Pot Candle Holder Transforms The Whole Garden

    Flower Pot Candle Holder Transforms The Whole Garden

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinThis time of year, I love spending as much time as possible outside, making my little scrap of garden comfy and cozy! When it comes to organizing my garden and making it pretty, I can get pretty carried away. From endlessly searching hardware stores for just the right string...

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  3. Weeding Jujutsu

    Weeding Jujutsu

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinCourtesy of Wally S., Wally's Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon SK Perennial weeds come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more controllable than others. In sub-segment size areas under 500 sq. ft. you can take try the Terminator approach to eradicate them completely to keep the plot in production....

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  4. These Garden Hacks Are Awesome!

    These Garden Hacks Are Awesome!

    Share This:FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinSpring is here and you want to grab the shovel and start working your garden! First its time to prep. There are excellent ways on how you can properly prep your garden so that you can be sure to have best tasting crops and highest output possible. Gardens are...

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