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Chick Peas Arouse Customer Passions

Courtesy of Wally S., Wally's Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon, SK

I thought I would try growing some chick peas, harvest them at the green stage and test market them. They  are considered a delicacy in much of the world. Pods are shelled and the green chick pea can be eaten raw or cooked in stews.

I took them to market this last week, where I sold them using SPIN's classic mix and match pricing, in 1/4 lb. bags for $3, or 2 for $5. Customers responded very well. Gail said one guy got mad when he discovered we had sold out, and just about tipped over our stand in rage. So it could be a good crop to consider. A 1,000 sq. ft. could make for a good trial planting. It should definitely create a buzz at your market.

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