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Just $19.95 per month! Pay-as-you-go. Use as much or as little as you need. Cancel at any time.

Lifestyle business. Side hustle. Encore career. No matter where you are coming from or where you want to be, you’ll fit right in at Backyard Riches. Proudly powered by SPIN-Farming, this is where you'll meet and learn from people just like you who are using backyards and neighborhood lots to grow food and make money serving the needs of our local communities.

Watch replays of our 60 minute online member meetups and go behind the scenes of our farms to learn how we turned them into cash machines! Working part-time, or full time. Alone, or with family and friends.

✔ Rex Landings Farms Family Style And Targets $100k (11/30/17)
✔ Tara Callaghan's Big Victory in Her Second Year (10/13/17)
✔ Lourdes Casañares: Flower Farm Startup (8/31/17)
✔ Ray Derksen: Farming Through Your Golden Years (6/26/17)
✔ Rod Olson Has the Best of Both Worlds (6/8/17)
✔ Cale Sprister Shows How to Start a Farm in Your Spare Time (4/13/17)
✔ Mark Voss Has Perfected His Backyard Nursery Business (3/30/17)
✔ Urban Farmer Beth Hagenbuch Serves Both Suburbia and a Food Desert (2/23/17)
✔ Change Agent Max Valyear Is Growing His Way to $30k (1/26/17)
✔ Rob Miller: Growing and Foraging His Way to $30k 12/16/16)
✔ Adithya Ramachandran Growing His Way to $50K, part 1 (11/19/15)
✔ Adithya Ramachandran: Growing His Way to $50k, part 2 (10/20/16)
✔ Justin Vandenbroeck : An Eco-Warrior Turns a Grass Roots Project into a Business (9/22/16)
✔ Brenda Sullivan Turned Her Suburban Backyard into a Cottage Industry (8/26/16)
✔ Annabel Khouri & Eric Stoffer Build a Backyard Farm in Cleveland OH (7/29/16)
✔ Marcus Riedner Farms By the Numbers in AB (6/24/16)
✔ Brian Kowalski Shows You Can Farm Anywhere and make $75k (5/26/16)
✔ Mary Ackley Builds a $138K Microgreens Business in DC (4/26/16)
✔ Keri Fox's $68K Plan for Green Sister Gardens (3/24/16)
✔ Caroline Barrington Profits from Pioneering Local Food (2/25/16)
✔ Brianna van de Wijngaard's First Three Years in Business at Puddle Produce (2/11/16)
✔ John Greenwood's $20K Business Plan for JNJ Farms (1/28/16)
✔ David Elias, Hooligan Farm : Getting to $10k/year (10/15/15)
✔ Jared Regier: Using Backyards to Start a CSA-based Farm (8/27/15)
✔ Ben Klempner Grows a Farm in the Desert (7/13/15)
Running an Owner-Operated Farm
✔ Talkin’ Operations (1/14/16)
✔ Let's Play Farming with Wally Satzewich (6/9/16)

Find out about the system we used to get started in these 60 minute instant learning sessions on the core concepts of backyard farming based on the SPIN-Farming system. START WITH THE FIRST TWO:
✔ Pickin’ a Farm Operating Model (3/16/17)
✔ SPIN-Farming Classics: 5 Crops to Make a Living From (5/11/17)

✔ SPIN-Farming Workflow with Wally Satzewich (9/26/17)
✔ Creating a Farm Identity (8/17/17)
✔ SPIN Farm Design Easy as 1-2-3 (4/20/17)
✔ Workin’ Your Relays (1/19/17)
✔ Take Control with SPIN 2.0 (3/10/16)
✔ SPIN-Farming Classics: 5 Crops to Make a Living From (5/11/17)

See what it’s like to run a backyard farming business from members in wide a variety of locations, contexts and circumstances when they get together to talk shop. We aren’t all urban!
✔ Taking Stock, Looking Ahead to 2018 with 5 members (12/8/17)
✔ Real-Time Planning Session: 3 Numbers, 2 Lists (2/16/17)
✔ Talkin' Startup with John Greenwood and Adithya Ramachandran (5/23/17)
✔ Taking Stock, Looking Ahead to 2017 with Wally-o (12/1/16)
✔ Early Season Progress Report: Building Your Brand, Making Sales (7/21/16)
✔ Let's Play Farming with Wally Satzewich (6/9/16)
✔ Real-Time Planning Session: 3 Numbers, 2 Lists (5/12/16)
✔ Real-Time Planning Session: 3 Numbers, 2 Lists (4/7/16)
✔ Talkin’ Operations (1/14/16)
✔ Taking Stock, Looking Ahead to 2016 with Wally Satzewich (12/17/15)
✔ Micro Green$ Indoor/Outdoor Production - Getting to $1k/week (11/5/15)
✔ The $1k a Week Production Plan for Spring with Wally Satzewich (5/13/15)

Learn what we think is most important to building a business
✔ Organic Certification: What's It Good For? (7/6/17)
✔ How Farmzie Can Help Run Your Business and Take Local Food to the Next Level (8/18/16)
✔ Keep Selling Year Round with Storage Crops (9/17/15)
✔ Irrigation: How To Create A Cheap, Efficient, and Time Saving Watering System (7/30/15)
✔ Talkin' Carrots with Wally Satzewich (6/25/15)

Your $19.95 monthly membership gives you access to all this, plus invitations to all-new twice monthly meetups and instant learning sessions produced throughout 2018, plus ongoing support via our private facebook discussion group. Pay-as-you-go. Cancel at any time.

To recap, your monthly Backyard Riches membership includes these awewome features:
✔ replays of all our 60 minute instant learning sessions on topics crucial to backyard farming business success
✔ replays of all our 60 minute online member meetups that take you behind the scenes of moneymaking backyard farms
✔ online support and advice from professional backyard farmers around the world
✔ a private facebook group for problem solving and pioneering new ideas on the business of growing food
✔ a searchable archive of over 4,500 postings for self-help and best growing and business practices
✔ invitations to the live monthly online meetups and learning sessions throughout 2018

Learn how to grow something new in your garden - a successful business!
Proudly powered by SPIN-Farming LLC

Just $19.95 per month...Pay-as-you-go...Cancel at any time...Start picking our brains right now!


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