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How Much Land Do You Need to Support a 100 Member CSA?

Courtesy of Wally S., Wally's Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon SK

In the SPIN online support group, business models are debated as hotly as growing practices. A recent topic was CSA's. Some like the control it gives them over their planning, revenue and customer base. Others feel it limits a farmer's upside and boxes their thinking. While there are fiercely held opinions, there is no definitive answer. How you make your money is as personal a decision as how you grow. Best way to figure it out is with some soul searching and a few beers.

Once you commit, though, the important questions can be answered by numbers crunching. Like this one: How much land do you need to support 100 CSA members? I have never done a CSA, but since SPIN has some benchmarks, it's easy to crunch some numbers and get a reasonable answer. Let’s say 1 acre has 400 standard beds. Let’s also say that each standard SPIN bed can produce 50 units, on average. 400 x 50 = 20,000 production units. If you do a bi-relay on 100 of those beds, that’s an extra 5,000 units 25,000 units is therefore a reasonable and conservative production target.

If a share basket had 10 units of production per week, for 20 weeks we are looking at 1,000 production units per week, or 20,000 in total for the season. So 1 acre of SPIN-type production could support a 100 member CSA. Another way to figure this is using SPIN segments. There are 40 segments in 1 acre. Each segment can produce 500 units. If each share has 200 units, each segment would support 2.5 shares.
SF photo David Elias with juiceThese numbers probably won't be exactly right in most situations, but they provide a reasonable answer to make a plan and execute. Then we can review your numbers and see how to improve. More relays? Maybe. But is the extra labor worth it? Let's run more numbers. Partnering with other farmers on a full diet CSA? Check in with David Elias of Hooligan Farm who is trying that this year. David's probably not down the street from you, so you can't grab a beer, or a smoothie. But you can catch him in SPIN's Backyard Riches forum, which is the next best thing.

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