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Squash Need Heat

Courtesy of Brenda S., Thompson Street Farm, Glastonbury CT

I've only been growing commercially for a few years (but have been hobby gardening for 16 yrs) and live in central CT. I still have so much to learn.

Last year we built a 14 x 24 green house. We built 2 raised beds and filled them with organic compost/peat and soil mixture. Our first crop was tomatoes, and we had a great harvest – although the summer was very hot (temps over 100 for weeks) and the tomatoes loved it. I had no leaf curl - although I did notice some of my plants have leaf curl this week. Its been super hot for days then it turns super cold and rainy for days.

I cant grow squash here unless its hot and dry. Squash are heat lovers and if your temps are cooler than normal it maybe too cold for them. I’m not sure what you can do other than drop your flaps and see if you can warm them up a little. If you're hot - well I'm not sure what to say...other than check your soil????

Because of our cooler than normal temps I purposely delayed starting my tomatoes. We will see if we have a good year. I may not have tomatoes by the beginning of July but I'm hoping I will have product well into November when everyone else is done. Time will tell.

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