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  1. Use Your Natural Advantage

    Use Your Natural Advantage

    A big benefit of backyard farming is that you can make the same level of income as traditional farmers, but eliminate their expensive and sometimes environmentally harmful practices. Take pest management. A lot of the concern about the safety and quality of our food is because of pesticides. Backyard Riches...

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  2. SPIN-Style Pest Management

    Courtesy of Wally S., Wally's Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon, SK Because of SPIN's scale, organic practices are quite feasible, and that includes for insect pest management. The method of choice is hand picking. Even acre size areas can be controlled that way.Bugs are brushed off by hand into a pail. Bugs...

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  3. Sonic Repellers Can Control Rodents

    Courtesy of James K. ,Virtually Green, San Francisco, CA In 2007 I had a project establishing a small SPIN farm pilot project on about 4,000 sq ft of land in a suburban mobile home park. The plot of land was a ground squirrel city. There were literally burrow entrances every...

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  4. Keeping Cats Out of Beds

    Courtesy of Bingo B. Boise, ID To deter cats, I put chicken wire down on newly tilled beds. Keeps 'em from digging.Once plants come up so does the wire. But sometimes I just leave it in until the end of that bed. You can get 24" high rolls of the...

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