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Growing a Beginner Vegetable Garden

When getting started with growing a vegetable garden, there is one principle that most experts would recommend: keep it simple. Although growing a vegetable garden is not necessarily difficult, it can get complicated to keep track of various plants and the details of their needs. Starting small, with just two or three easy-to-grow plants, is the best way to get going with a beginner vegetable garden.

When starting a vegetable garden, you’ll have a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Where should I plant my vegetable garden?
  • What supplies do I need?
  • Which crops should I plant?
  • How do I plant my crops?
  • How do I care for my plants?
Growing An Easy Beginner Vegetable Garden for dummies

How To Grow a Beginner Vegetable Garden In Pots. How to Know What To Plant. Also, Learn Garden Layout Designs Tips And Tricks.

Where should I plant my vegetable garden? The best spot for a garden is going to have direct sunlight for at least 6-8 hours per day. More is even better. Your plants will also need access to water and good soil. If you are planting directly into your backyard, you can improve the soil by adding organic material such as compost to your soil a couple of weeks prior to planting. For a system such as Seed to Cash, you only need about 100 square feet of garden space to get started on a profit-earning vegetable garden.


What supplies do I need? Just the basic gardening tools will get you started. You may have these lying around in your yard, or you could possibly borrow them from a neighbor. The most important tools are a shovel, rake, spade or another weeding tool. Of course, you’ll also need a hose for watering. A tiller is useful for preparing your garden as well.

And, obviously, you’ll need seeds. But which ones?


Which crops should I plant? When first starting out, try planting just two or three crops that your family likes or that you know you can sell to friends and neighbors or in farmers’ markets. Some of the easiest, quickest vegetables to grow include garlic, basil, radishes, lettuce and carrots are all excellent plants to choose for a beginner vegetable garden.


How to I plant my garden? Once you’ve cleared the soil and made sure that it is balanced (not too sandy or full of clay) with organic material, and the weather is appropriate, it’s time to plant! Sowing directly into the soil is easy, simply move a bit of soil aside, plant the seeds 1-2” deep (read the seed package for each variety) and place the seeds into the soil. A couple of weeks after planting you will likely need to separate the plants by gently separating the roots and replanting them with space in between.


How do I take care of my plants? Watering and weeding are the two main things you need to maintain during the growing season. Rather than watering directly over the foliage of the plant, try getting the water underneath the leaves and into the soil.


Depending on the crops you choose and where you live, your growing season can be as short as 2 weeks until you have a harvest! Try a system such as Seed to Cash in order to take your beginner vegetable garden to the next level of earning a profit.


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