How to Make Money Gardening

If you’ve been trying to think of ways that you can add some extra income to your wallet, for a special project or a side job, or to just get through a tough time, but you aren’t sure what to do, consider the opportunity to make the most of your green thumbs! Rather than picking up a part time job where you work for someone else, you don’t have to go any further than your own backyard to make money as a food gardener or urban farmer.


Can You Really Make Money Gardening?

To make money, you can’t do food gardening the same old way, If you do, here’s the mistakes you’ll make:
–your garden layout is difficult to work physically so every task becomes a back-breaking chore
–you won’t plant enough to achieve significant supplies of food
–you’ll grow inconsistently with big gaps in supply during the season
–you’ll grow a little bit of everything and end up with little to show for the effort
–you’ll grow veggies that are inexpensive to buy at the supermarket or local farmers markets
–you’ll grow veggies that tie up your garden for long periods of time between harvests
–you’ll spend money on specialized impractical tools you don’t need
–you won’t maximize harvests
–you won’t put a dollar value on what is grown, and the time and effort you spend

Even if you are starting out at the dummy level, you don’t need to grow like one. You can really make your garden pay off. By how much? Access the food calculator and find out now…

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Seed to Cash enables you to earn a living on land you don't own. I grossed enough to replace a full time job in my first year, with no prior growing experience.