Easiest Way to Grow a Backyard Garden

You’ve looked over at your neighbors and have seen their garden prolifically growing with great mounds of greenness. And you’ve been a little jealous. Go ahead. Admit it. You want a great green backyard garden too! But how?

Backyard gardens are much easier to get started than you are probably imagining and much less expensive, too. Whether you are doing the project on your own, as a family, or with friends, the simplicity of growing your own garden will surprise you. All you need is a little plot of land, some seeds, and a plan.

Although we can’t really help you with the plot of land, we can help you with the seeds and the plan. Choosing a method such as Seed to cash provides you with everything you need to start that urban growing project. Step-by-step guides give you all of the information you need to turn just a small garden plot into a profitable area to provide your family with food and pad your wallet too.

Here are the basics on getting started with your own backyard garden.



Collect Gear

You’ll just need the basics, and you may already have them in your shed. Items such as a rake, hoe, spade/shovel, watering hose, etc.


Choose a Plot

A backyard garden will thrive best in a level area that has at least 6 sunny hours a day.


Prepare Soil

Till and rake out your chosen backyard garden plot. For an extra boost, lay down compost the previous autumn to give the soil nutrients.  



Start with seeds for just two crops, chosen for you by proven experts.



Do this often at the beginning, depending on the particular needs of your chosen plants.



In as little as two weeks you can begin harvesting your crops.



Eat eating fresh backyard garden vegetables at home or share them with friends.  If you want to make an easy profit, sell your goods to friends, neighbors and farmer’s markets.


After two weeks you can choose continue with this plan or move up to a higher production plan. Enjoy this as a part time hobby or turn it into full time income. It’s up to you.

Let’s be honest—you never really liked mowing that section of grass anyway. So why not take some of it over and use that space to grow green vegetables goodness that you can eat and made a profit from? Use your land to your own advantage, and expand it so that you have less and less grass to mow.

Whether you are thinking of it as just a part-time hobby, or you are looking for complete income replacement, starting with a backyard garden is the first step. So go ahead, start making your backyard garden plans! Pick a plot, prepare the soil, and get ready to make some easy profit by growing your backyard vegetable garden right away.

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