Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

With the big trend toward tiny houses and urban living, it may seem that growing a vegetable garden is not an option for certain people. However, even when you have minimal space, it is possible to have a productive and sustainable vegetable garden—even it if it is small!

Sure, it may take some creativity and thinking-outside-the-box, but growing a small vegetable garden can be a fun way to feed your family, or even make a profit!

Here are some ways to make even the smallest of vegetable gardens work:


Raised Beds

One of the best ways for a beginning gardener to get started is by growing a small raised vegetable garden. Raised bed keep the garden contained, keep weeds and pests out, and they give you a specific square foot area in which to plant. You’ll also save a bit of pain in your back for weeding and harvesting. Choose a square foot raised bed model which divides up into 12 inch sections to give you complete control over what you are growing.


Grow Up

If you have an outside wall (and who doesn’t?) consider going vertical with your garden. Someone who is handy can help you out with installing a system of gutters or bags, one on top of the other. Of course, this will be less effective for root vegetables that need more depth to grow, but could work well for leafy vegetables or herbs, such as lettuce or basil.


Container Gardening

Certain vegetables will not lend themselves well to growing in containers, particularly if they are root plants such as carrots or potatoes. Others, however, work great in containers as long as they are set up to drain well and they are kept appropriately watered. Establishing trellises into your containers can help you encourage vine vegetables, such as tomatoes or cucumbers, to grow upward instead of spreading out. Some vegetables can even be grown in a container as simple as a plastic bag filled with dirt, as long as it has proper drainage and sunlight. One exceptional benefit of containers is that you can move them around to take advantage of the best possible sunlight opportunities.


Window Boxes

If you aren’t excited about going completely vertical but you want to make use of a small space, consider some vegetable garden window sill boxes. This only works if the windows are on the sunny side of your house, if they are well drained, and if you remember to water them. But some shallow growing vegetables (especially herbs and lettuces) will thrive amazingly well in a window box. And they not only render you a harvest of food, but they look really pretty as well!
With a proven program such as Seed to Cash, you can put your small vegetable garden ideas to work for you. Even if you only have 100 square feet of raised beds (or containers) on a rooftop in the city, you can grow tasty veggies to put on your own table, and even have some to share or sell. Getting started with Seed to Cash is easy, and you’ll have all of the support you need to make your little corner of earth work for you!

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