How to Grow Vegetables at Home

People have been growing vegetable gardens for thousands of years. Originally, that was the way that everyone fed their families. But now it seems so novel!  Starting a garden at home is a great way to get back to our roots, using the land you already have to grow food for your family or to make a profit by selling your crops.  


What Is Needed to Grow Vegetables at Home?

Growing a vegetable garden at home is simple and takes just a small amount of investment upfront. As far as tools, you will need a few basic gardening tools which you might find in your garage or possibly borrow. Just a few tools will do: a spade, rake, hoe, hand trowel, hose, trimmers, and some gardening gloves. Other helpful tools include a nozzle for your hose, a set of trimmers, and possibly a wheelbarrow, depending on how much space you have.


Where to Plant Your Vegetable Garden?

Growing a vegetable garden at home, in your backyard, can be accomplished in just a small amount of space. Even if all you have is a container garden, it’s still possible to grow a few vegetables. And if you are able to come up with only 100 square feet of space for a garden, then you’ll have plenty of room to get an excellent start on a productive vegetable garden. The basic factors in choosing where to plant your vegetables are: plenty of sun (8+ hours per day), healthy soil (well-drained and rich in organic matter), and plenty of access to water.


Which Vegetables to Grow?

When determining what to plant in your vegetable garden at home, you’ll surely want to make choices of vegetables that are easy to grow and easy to sell, or that your family likes to eat. Some of the easiest vegetables to grow that produce a quick crop are radishes, lettuce, carrots, garlic, and basil. Getting started with a selection of just two or three of these crops is a perfect way to begin slowly, without getting in over your head. When you plant your seeds will depend on where you live and which veggies you are growing.


How to Grow Vegetables at Home for Profit

One of the best perks of a backyard garden is the fact that you can use it to make a profit. This is particularly easy if you have a small plot of about 100 square feet and you take advantage of an urban growing system such as Seed to Cash. Starting up with less than $68 you can harvest a crop with the Pilot Guide in as short as 14 days—raking in $200 in earnings!

Just sell to family and friends, or set up in a farmers’ market. And if you are interested in making more money, you can develop your garden from a hobby to a legitimate business with the Production and Continuous Program Guides. Have access to expert growers with the forum and get all of your home gardening questions answered.

Sure, gardening takes a bit of time and effort, but the enjoyment and profit you can gain from it will bring you a great deal of satisfaction. So start small, but start today!

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