Profitable Gardening for Beginners


So you have a little plot of land and you’re thinking you want to try out gardening for beginners. You’ve heard that it’s fun to grow your own food, and can even be a profitable business proposition. But how do you go about getting started?

It’s really much easier than you might imagine—in fact, people have been doing it since the beginning of time! You just need a few things in order to begin:

  • Around 100 square feet of land (available in almost anyone’s backyard)
  • Basic gardening tools: garden rake, hoe, trowel, shovel/spade, garden hose
  • Vegetable Seeds
  • A plan for beginning vegetable gardening

All of this is pretty easy…that is, until you get to the plan. Here are some basic steps you’ll need to follow to participate in the best vegetable gardening for beginners.  


Choose the Spot

Although almost any spot of ground will do for your vegetable garden, if you have an option to choose a plot that has at least 5 hours of full sun each day, that’s best. 8 hours of full sun is even better.

Wind is another issue that can be of concern for gardeners if you are growing tall plants. Choose a spot that is somewhat protected by a building or fence if you live in a place where wind might be an issue.


Prepare the Soil

If your soil is not in good condition, your vegetables will not yield a good harvest. If you can, begin preparing your garden plot in the autumn for the following spring. Mark off the area for 100 square feet or more, then clear out weeds, sticks, and other debris. If you need to, till the soil and improve it with organic matter such a compost, dead leaves, or grass clippings to increase the health of the soil.


Plant Seeds

Choosing your seeds is easy if you take advantage of a plan such as Seed to Cash. The perfect blend of seeds for quick growth are included for you—simply follow the instructions by planting them at the right time. With this plan, you’ll have your vegetables ready to harvest in only two weeks!



The amount of water your garden needs is, of course, dependent upon the amount of rainfall you get in your area. In general, daily watering is necessary when seedlings are young. As roots are more established this may taper off to every other day. But it all depends on which vegetables you are growing.



Keep an eye on the weeds and pull them from the roots as you see them, to keep them from choking out your plants. This is much easier to keep up with if you weed regularly and often.



This is the most exciting time for a gardener—the ultimate reward. You’ve done the work (no matter how easy) and now you get to reap the benefits! Keep them for yourself, share them with friends, or make a profit by selling them.
Get started with easy gardening just for beginners, and with a program such as Seed to Cash you can quickly move up to a highly profitable plan. Once you get the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables, you’ll never want to stop.

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