Top 5 Best Vegetables to Grow

Getting started on a vegetable garden is a fairly simple project. You just need a few basic gardening tools, a small plot of land, a bit of compost or fertilizer, and water. Oh, and you’ll probably need seeds of some kind! But which seeds should you grow?

Making a decision on the best vegetables to grow depends on a few factors. First, you need to know what you plan to do with your vegetables once they are harvested. You also need to consider the space you have to grow them in. And finally you need to consider your climate. That said, there are a few vegetables which are easy to grow almost anywhere, are very enjoyable to eat, and will be useful whether you are growing them to sell or eating them at home.


Here are our Top 5 favorite vegetables to grow:



Crunchy and with a bit of a “kick”, home grown radishes grow very quickly as the seeds germinate underground. Do keep an eye on this vegetable that you’re growing in your own garden, because radishes that are left too long prior to harvesting will tend to get a bit spongy and not give off that crisp crunch that everyone loves.



Great for more than just warding off vampires, garlic is a root vegetable that grows well in almost any climate. Used to flavor dishes from various ethnicities, garlic is a prized crop that can be used at home, given to friends and family, or sold to local chefs or at farmers’ markets. Garlic doesn’t even require a lot of water, so it’s extremely low maintenance.



Fresh and crispy lettuce straight from the garden makes delicious salads, side dishes, or garnishes. Leaf lettuce is typically dark green and grows very quickly, with a harvest in just a couple of weeks. Planting lettuce alternately, rather than all at the same time, allows you to have some control over when the harvest will come, keeping you stocked with fresh lettuce all summer long!



Healthy because they are chock full of Vitamin A (which is good for the eyes!) and with a taste that almost anyone loves, carrots are also simple to grow. As a root vegetable, carrots require little maintenance except to be sure that they have enough water. Because carrot seeds can be sown directly into the garden, they are extremely simple. Do be careful to plant carrots in soil that is free of stones or heavy clods of dirt, or your carrots will turn out bent or crooked.



Mostly used as a savory herb to flavor dishes in cooking, Basil is a green, leafy vegetable that grows quickly. Useful in salads, soups, or meat dishes, Basil grows quickly enough to have a great harvest in as little as two weeks. Plus, basil is well loved when used as a dried herb, which means it can be preserved for future use and does not need to go to waste.
These five best vegetables to grow allows you to take full advantage of your garden space providing a plethora of vegetables at harvest time. And if you use a proven growing system, such as Seed to Cash, you’ll not only have freshly grown food to feed your family, but you’ll also be able to make a hefty profit by selling them as well!

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