Starting a Vegetable Garden

Growing food is a natural part of the life process and learning how to start a vegetable garden is as easy as just a few simple tips. Here are some tips for starting a vegetable garden that experienced growers know:


Dream Big but Start Small

Even if you are dreaming of earning full time income with your vegetable garden, it might not be time to quit your day job just yet. First, get started with a just a couple of easy to grow vegetables which will allow you to test out your green thumb. Then, if you like what you try, you can always expand and add more vegetables and more growing area. Asking questions of other vegetable growers you know is an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of vegetable gardening while dreaming big with someone who is passionate about the subject.


Grow Fast and Easy Vegetables

For starting out, choose to grow vegetables that will sprout quickly and produce crops within just a few weeks. Lettuce, basil, radishes, and other fast growing plants will allow you to start a vegetable garden and have food on your table (or profit in your pocket) very quickly. Then, once you’ve figured out what you like to grow and how to grow it, you can add in other variations that you prefer. But before you add a new plant, do your homework so you know what to expect and how that new type of vegetable will work with what you already have going in your garden.


Sunshine and Water

Sun is food to plants, and they need at least 6 hours (preferably 8) to grow heartily. Any less and they’ll be spindly and weak. In addition to adequate sunlight, be sure to give your plants the appropriate amount of water. The soil should feel dry 1-2 inches down before you water. Otherwise you’ll drown out your plants. Some people find it very helpful to keep a rain/watering log to provide them with a better idea of the timing of watering their vegetables. Also, when you water your plants with a hose, aim near the ground, rather than over the leaves, in order to give the roots the most efficient possible use of the water.


Seed to Cash Growing System

Using a proven growing system such as Seed to Cash one of the best ways to go about starting a vegetable garden. Starting out with the Pilot Program allows growers to start with only two vegetables and less than $70, while earning up to $200 in just two weeks. Once you’ve completed the first round, you can increase your growing and ultimately get up into the Continuous Program, with the opportunity to earn up to $26,000 in one growing season.


So whether you’re thinking of growing a vegetable garden in a tiny backyard or on some acreage, you’re sure to find great satisfaction in providing food for the table and cash in your pocket. Get started with your profitable vegetable garden today!

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