Top 5 Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Backyard Garden

You’ve been thinking about growing a vegetable garden—now it’s time to get started! Whether you are planning to grow a garden simply to feed your family, or you want to produce a profit, planting the easiest vegetables to grow is one of the smartest ways to begin.

Planting these low maintenance vegetables and herbs in your garden allows to get a bumper crop in a short amount of time. This makes the most of your garden area and allows you to develop your skills as an urban grower.



An all-time favorite of growers and eaters alike, growing lettuce allows you get eat a fresh salad that was just picked from your garden. Microgreens are especially popular because they do not have an extended growing life, which means they provide produce much more quickly than some other plants. If you want to alternate harvest times, space out your sowing so that you have garden fresh salads all summer long.



So simple to grow from seed, Carrots increase your chances of successful gardening and they are a favorite of almost anyone who eats them. When growing carrots, be sure to plant in soil that is deep enough to host the length of the carrots. Also, choosing a garden plot that is well tilled is important as rocky soil will result in crooked, strange looking carrots (still edible, of course, but not as pretty!).



Another underground plant, garlic does more than just get rid of your vampire problems. It’s an international food that can be used to flavor recipes hailing from all over the world. Cloves can be planted in fall after the first frost, or in late winter when the soil is thawed out. Just plant it and then forget it until it’s time for harvest!



This herb is extremely versatile for use in the kitchen, and it’s also super easy to grow because it isn’t particular about where it is grown. Whether in pots, windowsills, or in the ground, basil simply needs to be planted in well-drained soil in order to perform properly. Basil can be used fresh by plucking from the garden and chopping to add it directly to your meals. It also is extremely tasty when dried, which means any excess you have doesn’t need to go to waste and can be used far into the autumn and winter.



Perfect for the beginner, radishes couldn’t be simpler to grow. As a root plant, they are less fussy about weather and water so you can have confidence that you won’t likely mess them up! This plant works well when sown directly into the garden in early spring, or in the fall, so you have some options for extending out the growing season.


Filling your garden with the easiest vegetables to grow is a smart and effective way to begin growing your own food. Whether on large acreage or in your backyard, for profit or just for your family, using a no-fail growing system like Seed to Cash is a great way to use your garden plot to its full advantage.

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