Best Vegetable Garden Layout Plans

Whether you are just getting started on growing a vegetable garden, or you’ve been doing it for years and want to take it to the next level, planning out your vegetable garden layout strategically can make a huge difference in the amount of vegetables you produce, and how much return you get on the time and effort you spend.

Here are some of the favorite vegetable garden layout plan ideas that rank high in Google. nak veteran, expert garden growers make use of on a regular basis.


Square Foot Planting for Your Vegetable Garden

Planning out your garden in square foot sections is one simple way to keep your vegetables carefully separated but still make very good use of your space. Some people like to section off their square foot gardens with string at 6-12” high and keep it there throughout the growing season. This can also help to work as a functional trellis for plants which need to be supported just a bit.

When planning what to put in your square foot garden, consider how much space you have and which vegetables your family prefers. Those that take up more space or you really like might be given two or three square foot sections while new plants that you aren’t as sure about might be assigned just one square foot section.


Circular Vegetable Garden Layout

This plan is probably not the best for a newbie, but if you have been gardening for some time and have a good handle on it, you may want to try designing a circular vegetable garden. This can be quartered off to give you specific sections, with the tallest plants growing in the middle and the shortest to the outside.


Vegetable Garden Layout Planting Tips

When planning out where to put your crops for your vegetable garden layout, think about size and the sunshine. Taller plants (such as corn or peas) should go toward the back of the garden, medium-sized plants (cabbage or cauliflower) in the middle, and short plants (radishes or carrots) should be placed in the front. If planting in rows, try to make them run north to south if you can. This balances out the sunlight appropriately and makes it easier for you to tend to your shorter plants.

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