Do I Need a Gardening Course to Grow Vegetables?

Getting started with gardening is fairly simple, right? Well, yes and no. On one hand, people have been growing their own food for thousands of years. But, on the other hand, people were raised in homes where they learned about it from a very young age, so they picked it up easily. But today, unless they are raised on farms, kids may not grow up inherently knowing how to grow things. So, when they become adults, these people might think that they need to take a gardening course. And that could be helpful. But much of what is learned in gardening happens through experience.


Take a Local Gardening Course

Some local community centers that have community gardens will make gardening courses available to those who are just beginning. This might be a fun way to meet people and get involved with your community. But if you are doing it simply to learn how to garden, then you probably don’t need it. There is often a cost involved, and the curriculum you learn would likely be everything that you can find online or from friends for absolutely free. There may be some small benefits like learning to identify certain plants in real life, but photos typically work just as well.


Take an Online Gardening Course

Other organizations might offer online gardening courses that allow you to learn about how to grow vegetables. These might be helpful, particularly if you are looking for some sort of specialized organic certification. However, again, in most cases you will find that the information you glean from the course and the resources used are probably similar to what you can get through checking out books from your local library or getting into a community forum.


Use a Gardening System or Program

An excellent way to get started with vegetable gardening without having to take a gardening course is to get involved with a proven system such as Seed to Cash. This type of system allows you get started slowly with baby steps and then move on as you feel comfortable. Seed to Cash not only offers an affordable vegetable growing program that walks you through all of the details, but it also allows its members access to an online forum filled with experienced growers who can give advice, answer various gardening questions, and generally just be there to help when you need them. It’s like having a mentor or friend around who is a gardening guru.  


Growing a vegetable garden is a wonderful hobby or pastime, and an even better opportunity to earn extra income. Start small with Seed to Cash’s Pilot Program, only 100 square feet of growing space, and less than $68. You’ll grow up to $200 worth of profit in as little as two weeks’ time. Then, use the program to move up to a larger space, and eventually a continuous program where you can make tens of thousands of dollars throughout the growing season. So if you’re thinking of taking a gardening course? Try a gardening proven program instead! You’ll be glad you did.

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