Using an Online Garden Planner

When planning out your new vegetable garden, you may find that you want to use an online garden planner. This will give you an idea of how much space you need for your garden and how to organize that space appropriately. Several online tools are available (typically for a fee) which will allow you to design your garden and see what it will look like before you plant. These types of online garden planners are particularly helpful if you are planting flowers because of the visual aspects, but you may also find a vegetable garden planner helpful as well.


Here are a few questions that an online garden planner might help you to answer for growing vegetables in your backyard garden or on an urban farm:


Which plants should I grow?

A garden planner may help you determine which plants are best for growing in your area, for your soil, or for your purposes. Obviously much of this has to do with personal preferences if you are simply growing food for your family. Some of the easiest vegetables to grow include green leafy plants such as a variety of lettuces as well as herbs such as basil. Root vegetables are also fairly low maintenance, including carrots, garlic, and radishes.


Where should I place my plants?

Although not the most critical part of planting a vegetable garden, the assignment of where you place your plants can make a difference on how successful your crops are. Using a garden planner can allow you to draw out your plans online and then make adjustments if spacing isn’t exactly what you had thought it would be. Of course, a pencil and paper will suffice, even if you don’t have access to an online program.


When should I plant my crops?

Knowing when to plant your seeds, whether sowing indoors first or directly into the ground outside, can make or break your results. Certain crops, such as garlic, can be planted in the autumn before the first frost or in the spring. Other types of plants need specific timing based on the weather so that they are able to avoid freezing and produce well. An online garden planning program can help you with the timing.


How can I help my plants?

Some garden planners will help you know when to expect germination, when to separate seedlings before the roots become entangled, and when to begin checking to see if it’s time to harvest. Once you begin to know your plants, most of these steps will come very naturally to you and you won’t rely on the planner nearly as much as when you begin.

Online Growing System

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Growing a garden can be fun and exciting hobby or career. And using an online garden planner is a fun tool to develop your garden into exactly what you want it to be

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