Urban Farming Basics


The words “urban” and “farming” might seem to be contradictory at first. But they don’t have to be. Even in an area of the city, if you have just a small yard, you can use it to create a little bit of green leafy heaven right in the middle of the city!

Urban farming not only allows you to use even the smallest plot of land to grow your own food, you can also make a profit doing it. By growing low maintenance vegetables in your urban backyard, in as little as two weeks you can harvest a bumper crop which will add to your income. And your friends and neighbors will love you for providing them with farm-fresh food right on their doorsteps.

Plus, growing your own food is good for the environment. The less traveling a crop has to do to reach its destination, the less negative impact our lives have on the earth. Fewer miles to travel means less fuel and fresher food. It’s a win-win.

Some of the basics you need to know about getting started with urban farming:


Consider Raised Beds

In order to get the most out of your urban backyard garden, you may want to consider using raised beds. They are a little more complicated to build, but can be useful when fighting against tree roots, preserving soil quality, allowing for better drainage, and fighting more easily against weeds.


Choose Easy Crops

The crops that you choose to plant can make or break your ability to have a successful backyard farm. Less complicated, fast-growing vegetables make it so that your urban garden does the work for you. Systems like Seed to Cash keep things simple by starting with only two crop variations which require only a low amount of maintenance.


Carefully Water

Unlike in a large farming area, an urban farm may not have as much ability to rid itself of extra water if you water too much. Only using the amount of water you need helps to keep the environment healthy. If you can, try setting up a large old trash can to use as a rain barrel, collecting the water you need for your plants. You’ll save money on your water bill, and you won’t be using chemical-packed city water on your little backyard farm.


Control Pests

While you may not have problems with deer eating your crops as your rural counterparts might, you still may need to be sure your crop is protected from pests. Small fences and natural substances give you protection that is safe for your plants as well as your family.


One of the easiest ways to begin with your backyard gardening business in the city is by using the proven Seed to Cash plan. Starting with even a small order, you’ll be provided with the seeds and information you need to turn your small yard into a seriously effective backyard business—right in the middle of the metropolis where you live.


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