Growing a Backyard Vegetable Garden for Profit

Maybe you’ve wondered how you can channel your resources for some extra income but you aren’t sure how? Well, backyard gardening is one of the most efficient and effective ways to use what you already have (a backyard) to provide something that other people need (healthy food) in order to make some extra money—a small investment and a big reward!

Even if your backyard is very small, all it really takes is about 100 square feet of space that can be used for growing vegetables. Backyard vegetable garden ideas can include a simple plot in the ground, a raised garden bed, or a combination of the two.

When growing backyard vegetable garden, you’ll need to do a bit of preparation, watering, weeding, and harvesting. The whole process is pretty simple and can easily be done in your spare time. Of course, if you are growing your vegetable garden for profit, then you’ll need to spend a bit of time selling your crops as well.

Preparing your Backyard Vegetable Garden

Getting ready to grow vegetables takes a bit of work as you’ll need to use some gardening tools (shovel, rake, hoe, and spade) to break up hardened soil and get it ready for growing. Choose a spot that gets 6-8 hours of sunlight every day. Adding fertilizer or other organic material, such as compost, to your soil will give your soil the ability to provide nutrients to your plants, helping them to grow larger and tastier.


Planting your Backyard Garden

When first starting out, it’s best to use some of the easiest vegetables to grow so that you can ensure success as a beginner. Using a proven system such as Seed to Cash walks you through the process step by step, choosing the most appropriate vegetables for you. So when you have your seeds and it’s time to plant, simply space your rows as guided on your seed packet, sprinkle the seeds, cover with topsoil, and water gently. After they sprout two sets of leaves, you’ll want to separate the roots and space the plants apart further in order to give them room to grow.

Tending your Vegetable as they Grow

As long as you check on your vegetables once per day, to give them appropriate water and make sure there are no pesky weeds popping up, you’ll find that tending to your garden is very easy. It’s actually quite fun to see the progress that happens each day as you get ready for your harvest.

Harvesting your Vegetable Garden

Depending on the crops you choose to grow, you’ll find that your garden is ready to harvest in as little as two weeks. It’s such an exciting moment when you can actually eat (and sell!) what you’ve grown in your own backyard. If you are planning to sell your crops, be sure to harvest at an appropriate time so that your vegetables are fresh on the day that you are selling them.


Selling your Backyard Vegetables

Selling to friends and neighbors is likely the easiest and most cost effective way to earn a profit. Some people enjoy putting up a roadside stand, others will set up at a local Farmers’ Market, and still others will do business with local chefs and restaurants. Don’t forget that all throughout your growing season you should be having conversations with everyone you see and know to let them in on the fact that you’ll be selling your vegetables very soon. You’ll likely find that you have no shortage of people who want fresh, tasty vegetables that are grown locally in your own backyard.