Best Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

Just because you have a small space, it doesn’t mean that you can’t grow a stellar vegetable garden. In fact, the whole movement of urban farming has come out of the idea that even some of the smallest spaces can be used to grow your own food or vegetables. Thinking creatively can allow those with the smallest plots of land to still grow veggies—and even make a profit!


Plan a Small Space Vegetable Garden

Those who have smaller amounts of space in their backyard must be more careful to plan their gardens well. Although a small plot of just 10’ x 10’ can be planted, if this much space is not available it is possible to create this amount of space by using containers, raised beds, windowsills, or even vertically by using wall space and pockets planters.

Although it doesn’t require any high-end math, if you are using alternative areas of space, you’ll want to be sure to appropriately calculate the amount of soil you have in comparison to the seeds and water you need and then plan accordingly.


Options for Growing a Vegetable Garden in a Small Space

Raised beds allow you to take advantage of sunlight that may not hit the ground because of shadows or trees. Also, raised beds to allow you to protect the soil you put in from weeds or even small animals. And finally, raised beds mean that you can plan out your space vertically in order to gain more square footage than you might have on the ground.

Using containers also allows you to take advantage of sunlight in smaller spaces, by giving you the opportunity to move your containers around to various places throughout the day. Using containers also means that you can protect your soil, and place the containers on top of patios, tables, or other fixtures in order to conserve space.

Growing your garden vertically can happen by building window sill-type boxes and installing them on the side of your house, by using hanging planters, or even by using retro-fitted gutters for planting in. Make sure that the plants you choose are hearty enough to withstand this type of container gardening, and that they do not have deep root systems which would impede growth.


Making Money Growing a Vegetable Garden

If you learned that you could easily make hundreds of dollars simply by converting about 100 square feet of your yard into a vegetable garden, what would you think? Not only that but with a proven growing system, you can make money growing vegetables in as little as 2 weeks’ time! With a system like Seed to Cash, you’ll need just some basic gardening tools, a bit of investment up front to get started, and you’ll have access to online resources to help you get started like a pro. By selling to friends, family, and at farmers’ markets, you can earn money and even grow with the system to develop a full-time income for the entire growing season. Who knew that your small vegetable garden could produce so much?

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