Gardening for Dummies

Thinking of getting started gardening but not sure how? Even “dummies” can learn how to garden! People have been growing their own food for thousands of years. You only need a few tools, a little bit of advice, and a whole lot of sunshine!

Using some of the most basic strategies about gardening makes it possible for even people without green thumbs to grow a successful vegetable garden.


Choose Your Vegetables

Start with the easy ones – and luckily all the basic vegetables people eat are pretty simple to grow. If you grow vegetables that are fast-growing, you’ll be much more likely to stick with it because you are quickly rewarded. Easy crops: carrots, lettuces. Hard crops: garlic, kale.


Choose Your Location

Sun is really the most important factor in choosing a location to plant your garden. You need to be sure that you have the best opportunities for sun exposure, aiming for 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day. Another factor in choosing where to plant your garden is to keep it away from tree roots so that they do not interfere with your plants. Obviously, you’ll also need access to some sort of water source, so make sure that you have a hose that will reach from your house as far as the garden.


Use the Best Soil

Good soil will make or break your beginner vegetable garden experience. If your soil is too sandy then it won’t hold the water that your plants need. If it is too full of clay then it won’t be able to drain and your plants won’t thrive. The best part about this is that adding organic material is the solution to both of these problems. Compost, chopped leaves, and various other organic compounds that will degrade, mixed in with your current dirt, will give your soil the boost that it needs to balance itself out naturally.



Don’t Grow Like A Dummy

Even if you are starting out at the dummy level, you don’t need to grow like one. You can really make your garden pay off. By how much? Access the food calculator and find out now…

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