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  1. Vermicomposting

    Courtesy of Bingo B. Boise, ID  This is the system I use for vermicomposting.  https://www.wormwigwam.com I’d recommend not using the large commercial ones. You can usually find systems on craigslistt cheap, from retirees who bought into them to make some retirement money. A worm360 is great for home use, but...

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  2. Selling Peppers

    Courtesy of Bingo B. Boise, ID  Last year I tried selling 1/4 & 1/2 lb. bags of peppers and didn’t sell hardly any. So I switched to woven baskets with each kind of pepper labeled, and then offered them up at 3 for $1, using SPIN’s mix & match pricing....

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  3. Keeping Cats Out of Beds

    Courtesy of Bingo B. Boise, ID To deter cats, I put chicken wire down on newly tilled beds. Keeps ’em from digging.Once plants come up so does the wire. But sometimes I just leave it in until the end of that bed. You can get 24″ high rolls of the...

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  4. Using Onion Sets

    Courtesy of Bingo B. Boise, ID Technically, chives are a perennial and have really thin tops, from a pencil lead or a toothpick-sized leaf. Scallions are onions that are harvested small so that the bulb portion hasn’t formed yet. Some varieties of onions resist setting a bulb for quite some...

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  5. Salsa in a Bag

    Courtesy of Bingo B. Boise, ID Last year I planted “yellow” and “purple” onion bulb sets thick,  and thinned them early in the season for “green onions” leaving space for the rest to grow into big onions in the fall. It worked great. One thing that really got attention at...

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