1. Which irrigation methods work for which crops?

    Which irrigation methods work for which crops?

    Courtesy of Wally S., Wally’s Market Garden, Pleasantdale SK This is a burning question among new and experienced SPIN farmers alike Get ready for the answer that drives everyone inside and outside of farming crazy: It depends. Your choice of irrigation will depend on lots of factors, including your type...

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  2. A Cooler Startup

    A Cooler Startup

    Courtesy Roxanne C., Philadelphia, PA An aspiring flower farmer planning to start up in 2018 has been thinking through with us whether or not to invest in a cooler. Here are some of the considerations. If you opt to take SPIN’s low road and launch without a cooler, it will...

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  3. Stand and Plant

    Stand and Plant

    Courtesy of Roxanne C., Philadelphia PA Backyard farmers have a unique set of fitness gear. It’s designed to make their workouts easier to do, not harder. Like this tool here. It’s the Stand and Plant planter. It was invented by a Tennessee farmer who specializes in sweet potatoes. He grows...

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  4. DIY Portable Sprinklers Get the Job Done

    DIY Portable Sprinklers Get the Job Done

    Courtesy of John Greenwood, JNJ Farms, Macomb IL When it comes to SPIN-Farming irrigation, keep it flexible, cheap, crop-specific and portable. That’s especially important if you are farming multiple yards, like John Greenwood of JNJ Farms in Macomb IL. Here’s how he made his sprinkler system. I buy a stick...

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