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  1. SPIN Pricing 101

    Although backyard-scale growing produces much higher volume than a typical garden, the volume is much less compared to multi-acre farms. So because you have a limited amount to sell, you need to get good prices to make it worth your time and effort. Low production and low prices are a...

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  2. Market conditions versus Labor input pricing

    Courtesy of Wally S., Wally’s Urban Market Garden, Saskatoon, SK You should not set pricing solely on time/labor spent harvesting. You also need to take into account market demand and timing. I know an organic guy who charges according to labor input, and then can’t  move his product because his...

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  3. Setting Restaurant Pricing

    Courtesy of James K., Virtually Green, San Francisco CA Basic wholesale organic pricing for some major metropolitan areas in the USA can be found using the Rodale Institute organic wholesale prices online tool: https://rodaleinstitute.org/farm/organic-price-report-tool/ The USDA has quite a bit of different kinds of pricing info at: https://www.marketnews.usda.gov/portal/fv Find out...

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  4. Advice on Market Pricing

    Courtesy of John S., Blue Ribbon Eggs, Franklin, NC The best advice I ever got on market pricing was from Robert Plamadon who raises eggs and broilers in Oregon. At first he tried to ‘be price competitive’ and realized that as soon as he had to raise his price a...

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