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Find Markets the Same Way You Do Land

Courtesy of Linda B., Abundant Life Farm, Walker Valley NY

A SPIN-Farming workshop I did in Virginia brought up an important point - and that is new markets and ways to market. In the section of Virginia in which I gave the workshop they had a heck of a waiting list to get into farmer's markets - up to 2 years in some towns. You can't say you won't SPIN until you can get a spot. So what did one enterprising SPIN farmer do - created a different meaning for a CSA,  and that was Church Supported Agriculture, and sold through his local church.

Cool right?

I've always said that wherever a group of people gather on a regular basis is a good place for a market. That can be in a gas station parking lot if it draws a crowd, and both parties benefit. We can apply the same SPIN concepts that we use in increasing our land base to creating places in which to market our wares. The rent will be minimal or we can barter it for food.

I am in a rural location, so I have to make my markets where I know people are. Anyone can do the same, no matter where they are located.

SF photo Linda Borghi traveling farm stand

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