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Courtesy of John S., Blue Ribbon Eggs, Franklin NC

You mentioned that you're already gardening. If that's the case, apply SPIN principles to what you're already doing,  and go sell some stuff.  Earn some extra income, learn the business and marketing side and build.

SPIN Farming has the lowest capital investment cost of any legitimate business I am aware of that will gross $25K+ in the first season. In terms of net, that's up to you man, not the business model. If you follow the SPIN system you will do very well. If you're like some of my friends (dumpster divers and all round scroungers), you'll do extremely well.

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Seed To Cash
This is the easiest way to turn a garden-size space into quick cash.
  • -Earn up to $200 within two weeks of planting
  • -For beginning gardeners
  • -Uses a 100 sq. ft. plot
  • -Based on growing just 2 crops
  • -Sell to friends, neighbors and family; at public events or farmer’s market
  • -Costs as little as $67.55 to start up, if you have basic gardening gear
  • -And More!