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Watch replays of our instant learning sessions to get better at SPIN. Get better at what matters most to your business success.

JUNE: Talkin'Operations with Wally-o
Wally's moving his home base about 2.5 hours northeast. What worked when he was 5 minutes from market isn't going to work now that he's got a 2 hour commute. You'll start to hear about how he is re-thinking his operation in future learning sessions, but it all comes down to logistics.

You might be thinking about this, too, now that the season is getting in full swing. How do you handle it all? In this refresher course Wally explains how to use work rate, work session and work flow to get it all done, without burning yourself out. Discussion points include:
✔ key tasks to track
✔ breaking each day into many individual work sessions
(refer to SPIN guide # 6, Table 40, which outlines an entire week with days containing 6 - 11 different sessions)
✔ time-budget considerations of work sessions
✔ keeping work sessions to an optimal length
✔ scheduling weekly work flow
✔ ways to control logistics
✔ how to cope with the unplanned
✔ getting your money's worth out of outside labor
✔ ways to control logistics

It's obvious what you need to do to master growing and selling. Logistics is just as crucial to success, and a lot harder to figure out. Log in here to get started. It's the 1/14/16 session.

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