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Watch replays of our instant learning sessions to get better at SPIN. Get better at what matters most to your business success.

APRIL: Talkin'Carrots with Wally-o
Wally wants you to grow carrots all season long. They're great for relay plantings and staggered plantings, and you should plan on anywhere from 10 to 50 beds to start.
But a carrot is not a carrot is not a carrot. Types, sizes and pricing will vary throughout the season so you need to think through varieties, volumes and timing. This session will help you:
✔develop three different carrot strategies

✔ determine the right scale of plantings 

✔ properly store carrots for sale right through the winter

✔ manage risks

Learn how to get more out of one of the most marketable crops you can grow in the 6/25/15 session here.

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