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SPIN and the Nature of Work

Courtesy of Roxanne C., Co-founder, SPIN-Farming, Philadelphia PA

The rise of female farmers is a trend that has been noted in many countries. What I find more intriguing is how the concept of work is changing. People are no longer tethered  to the same career for their entire lives. And in fact, some people have simultaneous careers.

Having to have an “off-farm” job was once viewed as a shortcoming of the profession. But people are combining SPIN-style farming with other careers, and it's not just those who are in closely aligned fields, like chefs and doctors.  Web designers, accountants, teachers, and many others are becoming farmers because it suits their ambitions. SPIN-Farming is especially adaptable and flexible that way. It presents the option of weaving farming in and out at various times throughout what is becoming a much longer working life. Farming used to be “second nature” for many. It's becoming that way again.


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