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SPIN Apprenticeship Lesson Learned: Market Day Selling

Courtesy of Bryon Hall, Saskatoon SK

One of the most beneficial things I’ve done with Wally has been market day selling. Very quickly I realized it wasn’t as simple as it looked. However there are some key things I have noticed make a difference.

Engagement covers all of these things and is something Wally told me was important from Day 1. Once a customer takes a look at your stand you have an opportunity to make a sale. A positive, energetic greeting is a great start that every customer will pick up on. Knowledge of your product is also something the customer will sense right away. Not simply what types you grow and their benefits. Customers always appreciate hearing how you have personally prepared vegetables you’ve grown and speaking on flavor profiles/pairings is something more informed consumers will take notice of. This is much more important on varieties that are more exotic and will ease their concerns of cooking something unfamiliar.

Keep the market day objectives in focus, this is pay day! One of the most effective things I have noticed is how easy and effective an “upsell” can be. What is meant by an upsell is that when a customer comes to the stand for something you suggest something else they can buy. This can be done either through a recommendation for a meal plan or for economic benefit. The economic benefits are much easier to portray if you have a tiered pricing structure as Wally employs. This also gives you a nice goal to reach with individual customers always trying to get them to purchase a full tier.  Hopefully this will help you develop some of your own marketing strategies to deploy on market days!

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For SPIN farm apprentices, pay day is market day. 

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